Battery Recycler Li-Cycle Increases Capacity

Li-Cycle, a company that recycles all kinds of lithium-ion batteries, from smartphones to e-bikes to electric cars, recently announced that their capacity at the recycling plant in Germany has increased to 20,000 metric tons per year. With the American plant, their total capacity is now 30,000 metric tons per year. That’s with the ability to recover over 95% of the materials inside the battery, which can be reused instead of mining that much raw material.

li-cycle lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Germany and United States recovers 95% of materials. Battery recycling

They expanded the German Spoke’s total capacity due to the recent increase in successful battery supply contracting with global top-tier battery and EV OEMs in the region.

This is good news, as they are but one company spearheading lithium-ion battery recycling, along with others like Redwood Materials, all of which will be increasingly important as more EVs of all types and sizes hit the roads in the coming years.