Aventon Announces New Step-Through Version of Level

We just finished reviewing the original, diamond-framed Aventon Level, and we think it’s one of the best class 3 (28 mph) commuter bikes in its price range. Aventon now adds a step-through version, making it even more accessible to those who are shorter or have less flexibility to swing a leg over a traditional frame.

Aventon Level step-through front 3/4 class 3 28 mph commuter e-bike

The bike uses a 500W hub motor and an integrated 672Wh battery in a very attractive bike, with two choices of color: Rose Gold or Earth Grey. It’s a very clean design, with internally routed cables, a sturdy rack on the back, alloy fenders, and a short-travel fork to take the bumps out of the road. Between the big-volume Kenda tires (that grip the road well) and that fork, it’s a pretty comfy ride. We tried one with an optional suspension seat post (not included) and found the ride even better. It also has a Shimano Acera 8-speed rear cassette, Shimano Rapidfire shifter and Bengal Ares 3 Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors that do a fine job of stopping you quick.

The big, backlit LCD shows you speed, battery level, pedal-assist level and more at a glance, and it’s easy to see in any lighting conditions.

Aventon Level step-through front 3/4 class 3 28 mph commuter e-bike

There’s only a cadence sensor, so you control your max speed by what pedal-assist level you have it set it. It’s about 13 mph in level 1, and up to 28 mph in level 5. There’s also a thumb throttle that will take you to 20 mph if you don’t want to pedal. One caveat with the throttle, you have to start by pedaling. The throttle does nothing until you get at least a half a rotation of the cranks, which is a consideration for those who might want the throttle to get started (e.g. bad knees).


Aventon has a truly realistic range expectation of 40 miles per charge. We found that accurate, if not a little over-cautious. It will depend on hills, acceleration, rider weight, etc.

The small frame fits riders from 4’11”-5’7′, the medium will fit riders from 5’8″-6’2″. It’s customizable with optional accessories like front- and rear lights, panniers, baskets and more. Aventon has many accessories on their website, aventon.com.


It’s available for pre-order right now, and Aventon expects to have stock in 29 days.