A new affordable, lightweight e-bike

Aventon has just announced their newest bike, the Soltera. It’s a lightweight e-bike offered at one of the nicest prices we’ve seen yet from them. It features a minimalist design and is available in a step-over or step-through frame. The geometry is designed for both relaxed rides and more aggressive ones.

Aventon Soltera e-bike single speed fixie inexpensive affordable electric bicycle
At a mere 41 lbs, the Soltera is much easier than most e-bikes to carry up and down the stairs.

It features a 36V, 350W brushless rear hub motor, a color display with app connectivity via the Aventon app, an aluminum frame with a battery integrated into the down tube, and can come with either a single-speed or 7-speed drivetrain. There’s both pedal-assist and a throttle, so this is a Class 2 e-bike.  The tires are smooth-rolling Kenda K193, 700cx35.

Aventon Soltera e-bike single speed fixie inexpensive affordable electric bicycle
Pairing your bike to the Aventon app allows you to track your rides and stats, share rides, earn virtual medals and even remind you of needed services.


It’s priced very well at $1199 for the single-speed version and $1299 for the 7-speed version. It’s a great setup for college students, especially the relatively light weight to be able to carry it upstairs to a dorm for safekeeping and charging. We’d pop the extra hundred bucks for the 7-speed version for more versatility, but if you live in an area without huge hills, the single-speed may be just the ticket.

We got our hands on one prior to the launch, and it’s everything it promises. Light, fun to ride and affordable, with great fit and finish. Here’s a video we put together as a first look/first ride:

The bikes are available for preorder now at your local Aventon dealer or through Aventon’s website, www.aventon.com.