The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety gave the Arizona State University Police Department a grant of  $46,871.08 for the purchase of two Zero DSR electric motorcycles. This will be added to their first DSR, purchased last year.

ASU buys Zero DSR motorcycles for campus police“The Zeros are an ideal mode of transportation for our officers to navigate our busy campuses and large crowds during events,” ASU Police Commander John Thompson said. “The electric engines also allow us to move through campus without producing fuel emissions or engine noise.”

According to Zero Motorcycles, the DSR provides comparable power and driving range to gas powered motorcycles, but weighs less than 500 pounds. This allows patrol officers to easily maneuver the motorcycle through the tight turns and narrow roads across campus. They have a range of up to 176 miles, a top speed of 102 mph, a maintenance-free drivetrain and a battery that Zero claims will last the life of the bike.

“We are happy to see our use of electric motorcycles growing,” Commander Thompson said. “We are part of the most innovative school in the country, and we are proud to do our part to innovate in our field.”

The bikes allow officers to interact with the public easier than officers on motorcycles with internal combustion engines.

The Zeros will be used by designated patrol officers who will be trained specifically on the vehicle’s functionality.