Introducing The Self-Driving Bike

House of Lithium officially announces their new self-driving bicycle. This is a game-changer!

As a commuter, you often have to work on work tasks before you get to your office. The new, autonomous Liedar, outfitted with the latest LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to help the bike “see” obstacles and avoid them, can help you be more productive. The LIDAR sensors built into the bike are similar to those found on smartphones, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, a much more economical and compact sensor than the huge, $70,000 units used by Waymo and other manufacturers in their self-driving cars. These smaller units are very stealthy and use very little of the bike’s battery.

Self-driving electric bike e-bike ev autonomous driverless

The bike features an automatic-shifting Enviolo CVT drivetrain that is belt-driven for low noise, so you can take phone calls without all that chain noise.  The motor is a 500W, 120Nm M600 mid-drive by Bafang, tuned to deliver very smooth acceleration so you don’t spill your coffee or drop your laptop. Braking has been tuned to be as gentle as possible, depending on the situation. If you’re coming up to a red light or stop sign, it will slow you down well ahead of time. If a dog runs out in front of you, it will be more abrupt.

The bike even employs Veem gyrostabilizers in the wheels to keep the bike from tipping over at stoplights, so you can keep filling out your spreadsheet while you’re on your handlebar-mounted Zoom call. Imagine how much more productive you’ll be as we come out of the pandemic, shedding tiers and getting back to normal!

House of Lithium is taking pre-orders now, and expects to deliver bikes starting in Q3 of 2021. The retail price will be $17,0401, which seems expensive until you factor in that extra productive time you’ll have on your commute. They’re working on an enterprise unit for rideshare bikes, so you can order a rideshare bike via the app and one will ride itself right up to you.