Dan Hanebrink’s Unique Fat-Tire Bikes

For the last three decades Dan Hanebrink has proven to be one of the most eccentric but visionary bike designers in the world. With proven credentials as the inventor of the fat bike, Dan has now brought pedal assist to his bikes, which are available in both hardtail and full-suspension form. The American-made X2 uses a 750-watt brush-less electric motor mated to a 14-speed drivetrain. www.danhanebrinkbikes.com

Hanebrink snow 1You can ride Hanebrink’s fat-tired machines just about anywhere, but they work fantastic in snow and sand. In fact, any loose surface: leaves, pine needles, gravel or light mud works with the wide tubeless tires.

Hanebrink snowDespite the unconventional look of the bikes, they are very fun and natural to ride.


Hanebrink X1The Hanebrink X2 uses a proprietary mid-drive system that allows the machine to climb like a billy goat. Top speed is a road-legal 20 miles per hour.

Hanebrink mid-drive

Hanebrink’s mid-drive system uses a direct drive hub motor mounted in the middle of the chassis. It allows the engine (and the rider) to select from 14 speeds. In low, low gear it really climbs.

 Market DHIMGL9541The X3 is basically the same as the X2, but with the addition of rear suspension. These bikes don’t excel at high-speed running. They are more oriented for technical exploring, camping or hunting. At the same time they are fine street commuters.