Wild Machines From Stealth

Whether you call it an e-bike or an electric motorcycle, Stealth builds a serious machine, or perhaps two serious machines in one. In USA mode, Stealth claims its Bomber or Fighter is a 20-mph, 750-watts USA legal assisted bicycle. Flip the switch to competition mode and you have an electric dirt bike capable of 50-mph top speed (depending on the model). These machines are priced up to $9000, and they pack serious performance.  www.stealthelectricbikesusa.com  

The 4500 watt Stealth Bomber is selectable to 20 mph to be street legal, but flip a switch for off-road and you have up to 50 mph. It uses a 9-speed transmission built into the bottom bracket. Choose between 180 or 200mm of fork travel and 250mm of rear travel. Base retail is $9900.
The Stealth Fighter has 3500 watts and has up to 32 mph in off-road mode. It has 180-200mm of fork travel and 200mm of rear travel. It uses a two-speed transmission for pedaling. Base retail is $7900.
The Hurricane has footpegs and a motorcycle-style seat. You can choose 3500 or 4500 watts. Base retail is $7700 for 3500 watts and $9700 for 4500 watts.