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An E-Bike To Keep Away From Termites

Design student Kasper De Backer has worked with furniture, tools and accessories, but his take on the electric-assist bike is the project that caught our attention. Aside from smooth lines and a beautiful-looking bike, Kasper turned to wood for the fork and frame rather than steel, aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium.

E-Bike Saddles: The Shape Of things To Come

Saddles are the most hated component of most new bicycle riders and e-bike designers seem to be getting it. More and more designs are going away from using traditional off-the-shelf bicycle saddles for designs that lean more towards motorcycle saddle design. A few examples.    

Popular Unground LA Cycling Race Replaced With “Fun Ride”

Hours after the LA Times reported that authorities had put a stop to the popular Marathon Crash Race cycling event, they reported that city officials granted the last minute permits for a “Fun Ride” instead of a race. The  race, slated for Sunday morning, March 9th, used the LA Marathon route hours before the running event […]

A Bolt Of Lightning

Lead designer Niels Caris takes full advantage of not needing a gas tank or giant engine to redesign the way we think of motorcycles. The Bolt Electric Bike Concept is on view at springtime.

E-Bike Tech: Currie Electric Bike Conversion Kit

One of the bigger challenges facing many people interested in taking advantage of an electric bike is the price of most electric bikes. No, they aren’t cheap. More to the point, what if you already have a perfectly good bicycle that you like to ride and can convert? What many people might not know is […]