The Boxx Shows Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Boxx is an electric all-wheel drive commuting vehicle. Modular components make technology upgrades and customization easy. It can be used similarly to a moped or bicycle and is just as easy to ride. Boxx has been engineered to have a very low center of gravity, adding stability.

Boxx uses a patented all-wheel-drive (AWD) two-wheeled system. In addition to AWD, Boxx is capable of traction control and ABS braking due to its dual electric motors contained inside the vehicle’s wheels. These Boxx custom designed and engineered motors run together. The company claims that even with these features, the Boxx is the most efficient two wheeled electric vehicle available. Because of its advanced design engineering, Boxx is claimed to use three times less energy than the industry average of electric two wheeled vehicles. Click here to get more information.

The Boxx starts at $3999.



There is no grease or oil, no chains or gears, and nothing to drip or leak onto your carpet. This makes Boxx the best solution for highly populated areas.
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