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Mahle, the automotive parent company behind the Ebikemotion X35 motor system, has partnered up with Allotrope Energy and is developing a new battery that is a hybrid between lithium-ion and capacitors, allowing for super fast charging at up to 20Kw. This could change the game for all forms of electric transportation as more and more […]


LOOSEY GOOSEY Q: Hello, e-friends! I’ve recently been informed through a riding buddy to keep an eye and ear on my cassette. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for them to come loose on e-bikes. Is there any insight you can give me on why this happens or how to prevent it? Thanks for any help! Franklin […]

How Often To Service Your E-bike

How Often Should I Service My E-Bike? Your e-bike is a durable workhorse giving you miles and miles of fun and utility. But, over time, like any machine, it will need some care and maintenance. With wear and tear, brake pads and tires will need to be replaced, and parts will need lubrication. With the […]