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Specialized announces a new Kenevo SL

Specialized already announced two wallet-bending Turbo Levo models this year, and they’re somewhat continuing the trend with the Kenevo Super Light. The SL version weighs in at 5.5 kg lighter than the full-power version. You basically can’t easily tell that it’s an e-bike by looking at it, save for the display on the top tube. […]


Specialized has been making mountain bikes for four decades, and they’ve been in the e-mountain bike game for 6 years. They are now announcing the 3rd generation of the bike that started it all, the Turbo Levo. The original Levo used an off-the-shelf Brose motor, but since then Specialized has developed their own in-house with a […]

What To Do With Used E-bike Batteries

As more of the world gets going with electric bicycles, electric cars, and other EVs, the question often comes up about what will happen to the lithium-ion batteries when they no longer hold enough charge to be useful in that particular vehicle? Tesla‘s co-founder and original CTO, JB Straubel, left his position after 15 years […]

Is This The Grippiest Flat Shoe Yet?

Specialized announced their new Rime Flat mountain bike shoe today. Us being us, Specialized sent us a pair to try out. After riding Vans for decades for flat pedals, we found a better grip and overall performance from another brand. Specialized has bested that with the new Rime Flat MTB shoes. We’ve been riding them […]


Specialized has a new shoe for mountain bikers who ride flat pedals. It’s called the 2FO Roost, and it’s made for maximum grip and comfort. It combines a durable leather and textile upper, cushoned EVA foam mid-sole and a relaxed fit last that can stand up to trail abuse without sacrificing comfort. The sole is […]

Specialized Turbo: this one is all about speed…and style

It was a classic e-bike-versus-pedal-bike moment. The guy on the road bike was ahead by a few blocks, but lo and behold, by the time he reached the next intersection, he had fallen behind our e-bike. As he stopped next to us at the red light, he not only looked exasperated but downright befuddled. If […]