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World’s First Electric, Stand-up Personal Watercraft Hits the Market

Free Form Factory introduces high-performance, all-electric Gratis X1 More and more areas are cracking down on personal watercraft. 2-stroke motors are generally out, and 4-stroke motors face stricter and stricter emissions standards.  Enter the Gratis X1. It is fully electric, making virtually no noise and offering zero emissions. Free Form Factory teamed up with Zero […]

February 2017 Issue

BIKE TESTS FLAUNT VICKO Low-priced power GOCYCLE G3 Better designed than most cars POWER IN MOTION CF-1.5 New company, vast experience BULLS E-STREAM EVO CARBON 3 We get a first ride WILIER MAGNETO Italian Stallion EMAZING APOLLO Fast, low-priced commuter BIG CAT FAT CAT XL 500 Low-priced, cargo fat bike that’s just plain fun FEATURES […]