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First Look: DYU R1 Folding City e-Bike Review

We just posted our new first look video about the amazing DYU R1 folding e-bike, the first one under $1000 with a torque sensor! Nick gives you the rundown on the pros and cons of this bike.   Their website is You can order it at


It all started back in the ’80s when Dr. David Hon, a leading expert in laser technology, decided to change careers and focus on something he was passionate about. That passion was green transportation, and he specifically wanted to make a great folding bike.  His first project was to create a bike that fit under […]

Let’s Learn How To Use An Electric Bike

Did you know that electric bikes have existed since the 1990s? That’s right, and they still manage to prove themselves to be a worthy investment. If you’re planning on buying an electric bike, you might’ve tried articles such as all-terrain electric bike reviews. You might’ve already learnt about the factors to consider when purchasing an […]