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Magicycle All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Magicycle bike is a new fat tire e-bike brand, and manufactured in Europe and China, and is sold using a manufacturer-to-consumer model. Magicycle has kick-started its official launch in North America. We are a new upcoming US electric bike company that delivers premium all-terrain e-bikes. Magicycle e-bikes are affordable, practical and a huge amount of […]

Podcast Interview With Steve Christini

Steve Christini is an evil genius. Well, not evil, but he is a genius. His all-wheel drive system for bicycles, motorcycles and now e-bikes is revolutionary. In this episode of the Electric Bike Action Podcast, we talk about how it came about and why it can be a game-changer for some riders.   You can […]

The Wrong Way To Electrify Your Bike

A couple of friends were riding along the countryside. When they decided to climb a fence and bring their bikes over, they suddenly realized they were crossing an electric fence and one bike was stuck in the fence. Hilarity ensued! Electric fences are set up with a low enough charge to keep cattle from trying […]


Surface 604 concentrates on a single model: the Boar E350 fat bike. The production bikes are available in white, black or bright green, but the company has this customized display model that tows a trailer with a surfboard on it. It is a definite looker. The production Surface 604 is a nice looking bike as […]

Riding the Hanebrink X2

The X2 seeks to expand the usability of the human-powered, ultra-fat-tire concept by adding electric assist and appealing to adventurous riders who want to ride where the trail gets too soft and uncharted for other bikes to venture. While the huge tires and low gearing won’t win it any drag races, the X2 will zip […]

Felt Expands 2015 Electric Offerings

Felt Bicycles formally announce an expanding 2015 electric bike line, Felt Electric. The Felt Electric bike line launch for the US includes three mountain bike models and one lifestyle model. The new addition to the already existing Felt European electric bike line is the Lebowsk-e and Dual-e. The Lebowsk-e fat tire bike will be available in three […]

The Felt Lebowsk-e Electric Fat Bike

While at the Fat Bike Summit in Ogden, Utah, we ran into Jim Felt, of Felt Bicycles fame. Jim always has a big smile on his face and a positive vibe, but we could tell he was even more pumped than usual (if that can happen). The reason was his Lebowsk-e electric assist fat bike […]

All Fat & Charged Up: Electric power where it’s never been before

Fat bikes have seen a huge spike in interest the past few years in the mountain bike community. From rocks, sand and snow, their huge 3- and 4-inch-wide tires give riders the chance to float easily over every type of terrain where normal mountain bikes would bog down. The problem is, though, pushing those oversized […]