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Aventon has just announced their newest bike, the Soltera. It’s a lightweight e-bike offered at one of the nicest prices we’ve seen yet from them. It features a minimalist design and is available in a step-over or step-through frame. The geometry is designed for both relaxed rides and more aggressive ones.

How An Electric Skateboard Could Benefit You

How can an electric skateboard benefit you? We have seen the dark sides of exploiting the environment in the forms of – Global Warming and the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It’s time that we paid heed to what environmental activists like Greta Thunberg are raising awareness about. It is time that we saved our planet. […]

Stunning Electric Motorcycle With 300 Mile Range

A startup in Colorado has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Their goal is to raise $500,000 to fund a working prototype of the Electrocycle motorcycle that they claim will have a 300 mile range and have a removable battery. It also uses two hub motors, one in each wheel. The two-motor system allows for […]

Have You Seen Tesla’s New E-Bike?

Tesla has panned most of electric micromobility, but they are working on an interesting e-bike concept. The bike itself will be filled with technology for safety, such as LIDAR, but also steering that is controlled more by pressure on the handlebars instead of actually turning. The front wheel turns based on rider input, and there […]

Can You Get the E-bike of the Future for $20? Zoomo Co-Founder Thinks So

We just interviewed co-founder and COO of Zoomo Michael Johnson. We talk about Zoomo’s unique approach to getting people on quality bikes in a very affordable, open-ended subscription model. You can check it out here or wherever you listen to podcasts. My guest today is Michael Johnson, co-founder and COO of Zoomo, a company […]

Yamaha Confirms Electric E01 Scooter With Patent Filing

Yamaha filed for a patent for their E01 electric scooter, the same one that was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show trade show as a concept bike in 2019. The patent they filed and the trademarking of the name E01 shows that they didn’t just make it as a concept, but rather plan to bring […]

France May Offer Citizens $3000 Car Trade-in For E-bikes

France is looking to subsidize e-bike purchases by up to €2,500 ($2950) per rider, with one caveat; The rider must turn in a gas-powered car. This is part of France’s drive to lower emissions to 40% of what they were in 1990 by 2030. It hasn’t been passed into law yet, but the prospects look […]

Electric Vespa Scooter Upgrade

An Irish mechanic based in London has developed a kit to transform classic Italian scooters into clean-riding electric machines. What started as a project to get around daily fees in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zones has become a full-blown business, and much of his clientele are actually in the U.S. Read more in the NY […]

Italy’s Red Cross Gets E-Bikes

The Italian FIVE GROUP (Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici) has started the delivery of the electric assisted bicycles commissioned by the Italian Red Cross which for the last year has been carrying out a project called “Tempo della Gentilezza (Time for Kindness)” to stand with people affected by Covid-19 pandemic. The Italian Red Cross initiative was […]