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DeChaves Garage’s E06 Scooter

The E06  electric scooter was designed by Pablo González de Chaves Fernández, also known as DeChaves Garage, with the target rider being a young urbanite. Pablo’s design is supposed to attract people with an open mind, who find themselves attracted by design, fashion and new technologies. In the design of this motorcycle he wanted to avoid the […]

You Meet The Nicest People On An Electric Honda, Part 2

We couldn't help but drool over this concept electric-powered motorcycle from Honda. The Cub takes most of its design cues from the Honda 50 that started a revolution in America in the 1960's. The retail price was $215 and Honda claimed the bike got 200 miles to the gallon. Hang on tight. This image sold [...]

You Meet The Nicest People On An Electric Honda

Honda’s EV-neo is a battery-powered electric scooter. It operates using a 2.8kw motor and a Lithium-ion battery. The EV-neo has a range of around 20 miles on level ground. The regular charger takes the battery from zero charge to a full charge in approximately 3.5 hours and is a highly portable unit that fits in the cargo […]

Currie Technologies: Spreading The Word On Electric Bikes

Sure, we post more than our fair share of eye-candy in the form of “concept” electric bikes (they are fun to look at), but you can’t ride a promise. Enter Larry Pizzi and his company, Currie Technologies. Larry doesn’t deal in far-out concepts. He deals in the real thing. Offering options from Haibike eBikes (check out our review of […]

GenZe: The Fun Way From Point A To Point B

The GenZe is Mahindra‘s first electric two-wheeler slated for launch in the US some time this summer. Expected to sell for a $3000, the scooter is designed to carry groceries, laundry, or anything else that fits in the generous amount of space in the bucket (and that’s in addition to the rider). The GenZe is expected […]

E-Bike Saddles: The Shape Of things To Come

Saddles are the most hated component of most new bicycle riders and e-bike designers seem to be getting it. More and more designs are going away from using traditional off-the-shelf bicycle saddles for designs that lean more towards motorcycle saddle design. A few examples.    

The Boxx Shows Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Boxx is an electric all-wheel drive commuting vehicle. Modular components make technology upgrades and customization easy. It can be used similarly to a moped or bicycle and is just as easy to ride. Boxx has been engineered to have a very low center of gravity, adding stability. Boxx uses a patented all-wheel-drive (AWD) two-wheeled system. In addition […]