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Yamaha Confirms Electric E01 Scooter With Patent Filing

Yamaha filed for a patent for their E01 electric scooter, the same one that was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show trade show as a concept bike in 2019. The patent they filed and the trademarking of the name E01 shows that they didn’t just make it as a concept, but rather plan to bring […]

How To Get An Electric Scooter To Go 150 MPH!

Maybe you’ve ridden an electric scooter, but most of them are electronically limited to 30 mph or less. This NUI MQi GT scooter normally is, but JT Holmes, a Hollywood stuntman, got one to go 5 times that speed with no modifications. He merely took it for a ride out of the back of a […]


BMW has a couple of significant electric vehicles, two for sale here in the U.S. The compact i3 car, and the sportier, sexier and many times more expensive i8. They’re also finally bringing in an electric scooter that had previously been available in Europe only for the past few years, The C Evolution. It’s a […]


I-Max S1+ The I-Max S1+ electric kick scooter has specs that make it sound like a real monster! It is claimed to be one of the most comfortable electric kick scooters featuring large 10” inflated tires in the front and rear to absorb shock. The $ 1,299.00–$ 1,338.00 S1+ is a 48V/10Ah system with a […]

The Beast Is Back And Ready To Devour Anything

Daymak Inc. brings new meaning to the phrase “go where you want to go” for the power-assist electric bicycle market. Daymak has developed, designed and produced an eBike with features of an ATV, which is tough, sturdy, built to take it, perfect for off-road use but completely street legal. Whether you want to go up and […]

E-Scooter Or E-Bike? Yes To Both

This is a cool little vehicle that looks like a scooter but pedals (with electric assist) like a bike. Its LCD illuminates the current speed, indicates voltage left on its battery, and indicates when its headlight, rear light, and turn indicators are active, keeping a rider’s attention on the road instead of controls. Dual rear-view […]

Motorcycle, Scooter or ATV? The Answer Is Yes.

Japanese designer Uno Masada may be best know for his furniture designs, but the guy knows how to design one stylish electric powered scooter. Or is it a motorcycle? Or an ATV? The EMX is actually a little bit of all of them.