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Energica Gets A Financial Boost From Ideanomics

Energica Motor Company S.p.A. (“Energica”) announces that today it has signed an investment agreement with Ideanomics, Inc. Ideanomics is a global company with a headquarters in the U.S., and has been investing heavily in the EV space. With the investment of €10,909,091, Ideanomics will ultimately hold a 20% stake in the company’s share capital.   […]

How To Get An Electric Scooter To Go 150 MPH!

Maybe you’ve ridden an electric scooter, but most of them are electronically limited to 30 mph or less. This NUI MQi GT scooter normally is, but JT Holmes, a Hollywood stuntman, got one to go 5 times that speed with no modifications. He merely took it for a ride out of the back of a […]

Valeo’s New Smart E-bike System

Valeo, a Paris-based battery-powered mobility vehicle group, who makes electric cars, delivery droids, autonomous shuttles and more, jumps into the e-bike space with an innovative e-bike powertrain. The motor and an automatic transmission are together as one single, mid-mounted drive unit. It’s a partnership with Effigear, who makes the automatic transmission already for traditional bicycles, […]

Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond Launches e-Bikes

Legendary Tour de France champion, whose cycling career transitioned to becoming a top bike manufacturer, is right now officially launching a line of e-bikes based on their knowledge of bicycle design and technology. Their two new e-bikes, the Dutch and the Daily, promise to be lightweight thanks to a full carbon frameset. Even the stem and […]


Zero Motorcycles is reviving its incentive program called Cash for Carbon. It increases the trade-in value at an authorized Zero Motorcycles dealer of any titled gas motorcycle a rider uses as trade toward the purchase of a 2020 SR/F or SR/S by an additional $1500. When a rider takes advantage of this incentive, he or […]

Could You Get Paid To Ride An E-bike To Work?

In our latest podcast episode, we interview Richard Thorpe, founder and CEO of GoCycle. We’ve ridden his bikes before, they’re folding bikes that look and ride like no other.  In this episode we look back over 20 years of innovation and talk about what is coming in the future of e-bikes and cities. 


Zero Motorcycles just now announces their newest electric motorcycle, the SR/S. It’s their first full-fairing bike, launching on the heels of the award-winning, best-in-class SR/F launched last year.