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We Have Your Inside Look at the Haibike Xduro Superracer

Haibike has been in the bike business since 1996, entering the e-bike category in 2010. Haibike has dedicated their entire e-bike family to using Bosch mid-mount motors, and with 27 e-bikes in their catalog, Haibike expects to be a player when the words “battery” and “bicycle” conjoin. We take a look at Haibike’s Xduro Superrace, […]

Karel’s Korner: 8/1/15

True, the world of e-bikes is young, but what it lacks in age, it certainly does not lack in either a sense of vigor or enthusiasm. That’s where we come in. Electric Bike Action magazine is Hi-Torque Publication’s latest title, and as a company famed for recognizing emerging two-wheeled trends and providing enthusiast magazines for them (Dirt Bike, Motocross Action, […]

Vanmoof Electrified Looking At August Delivery

The Vanmoof Electrified uses a 250W front hub motor, a battery integrated into the frame and an automatic 2-speed transmission. The weight is claimed to be 41.8 pounds and an asking price of $2998. You can pre-order by clicking here.

China’s Growing Concern For Ebike Safety

The has an interesting article about how the growing popularity of electric bikes has created a need for rider education to reduce accidents and injuries. Similar problems in New York City caused the Mayor to ban electric bikes. Here is what is happening in China.