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RubyBike is a bicycle concept that Kasper Schwartz designed as part of his graduation project from The Royal Danish Design School in Copenhagen. The Danish bicycle manufacturer, Kildemoes, has been sparring partner on the project, which is named after the Ruby-throated hummingbird Kildemoes use in their logo. RubyBike has a special Rubyfitt equipment-platform to make […]

E-Bike Motor Breakdown

As with standard pedal bikes, before choosing a new bike, it’s important to first ask yourself some key questions: what type of riding will you be doing and what type of rider are you? Oh yeah, you should also think about what type of motor you want. E-bike motors can be easily broken into three […]

7 Things You Haven’t Heard About SRAM

We have to admit, when we first took delivery of a pair of Electra Townie Go! bikes to test, we didn’t start out with too high of expectations about what kind of performance we’d get out of them. However, it didn’t take long for us to realize that (as is most often the case) our […]

Destination: Austin, Texas

While riding the bike and running path along the shores of Ladybird Lake, we came up on a runner with a T-shirt that read “Keep Austin Weird.” Depending on whom you ask, “weird” in the capital city can mean a wide range of things, but from what we witnessed, Austinites don’t have to worry; there’s […]

Testing IZIP E3 Peak

This entire bike costs what some mid-drive assist units cost without the bicycle. The performance is muscular and civilized compared to any, but is most impressive at this price level. Our test unit was no virgin, and we put a great deal of time on it. It still felt like new at the end. An […]

Riding the Hanebrink X2

The X2 seeks to expand the usability of the human-powered, ultra-fat-tire concept by adding electric assist and appealing to adventurous riders who want to ride where the trail gets too soft and uncharted for other bikes to venture. While the huge tires and low gearing won’t win it any drag races, the X2 will zip […]

Hi-Power Cycles XC Series Full Suspension

Hi-Power Cycles (HPC) is a small outfit in Southern California who truly believe in electric bikes. We tested the XC Series Full Suspension ride, which serves as a juiced commuter you can take on the trail and beyond. Everything from the full-suspension design, trail geometry and powerful brakes are designed to work well on the trail. […]

Haibike Xduro AMT Pro

The Haibike Xduro AMT Pro 27.5 is an impressive mountain bike, with the new Bosch Gen 2 center drive system. We tested the Xduro in a wide variety of mountain bike terrain, and it proved unfailingly effective and always fun. No other e-bike brand has embraced the Bosch power units as completely as Haibike, and they are the first […]

Riding the eFlow E3 Nitro

The eFlow E3 Nitro isn’t obviously a pedestrian commuter, yet it doesn’t shout “sport” like a true drop-bar road machine either, with the straight bar and somewhat generous tire size. The Nitro does nothing to detract from the ride. It has the riding position to exploit the joy of the powerful assist. SIT ON IT Two […]

10 E-bike Laws

While categorizing all electric bikes into neat subcultures might seem like an impossible task, American lawmakers have already done the work for us, and it is a pretty logical division of power, so to speak. We broke down basic e-bike laws for you, so you can ride in the right. MOTORCYCLE OR BICYCLE? Lawmakers have drawn the […]