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Could You Get Paid To Ride An E-bike To Work?

In our latest podcast episode, we interview Richard Thorpe, founder and CEO of GoCycle. We’ve ridden his bikes before, they’re folding bikes that look and ride like no other.  In this episode we look back over 20 years of innovation and talk about what is coming in the future of e-bikes and cities. 


Santa Cruz Bicycles, maker of mountain bikes so good they have a cult-like following, has entered the electric-assist fray with the Heckler. This move isn’t to be taken lightly, Santa Cruz has long been anti-e-bike, one of the last brands to jump on the e-bike bandwagon. But if Santa Cruz is going to make a mountain bike, it’s going to be serious!

Zero Motorcycles SR/F Set To Tackle Pike’s Peak

Zero Motorcycles, the brand that defined the category of electric motorcycles, introduced their most innovative and powerful motorcycle yet with the launch of SR/F earlier this year. Now, Zero’s internal engineering team, in collaboration with multiple partners, has transformed its new streetfighter into a full-blown racer, which AMA-professional racer Cory West will put to the […]