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How To Get The Most From Your E-Mountain Bike

Even though all eMTBs come with various assist settings that can be changed on the fly, not everyone uses them to their full potential. It’s not uncommon for first-time users to just put them in Boost, Turbo, Ludicrous or whatever the highest setting is called and enjoy the speed. Others who may be intimidated by […]


Starting back in the late ’60s and running well into the ’70s, mini bikes were all the rage in America. As the name implies, these were shrunk-down motorcycles (most famously the Yamaha JT-1 Mini Enduro and the Honda XR75) that helped fuel the off-road motorcycle boom five decades ago. Of course, preceding the “mini-me” versions […]


Tarform, a Brooklyn, NY-based startup company, has two new motorcycles for 2022. They are the Scrambler and the Racer, and both share the same specs, including the motor. They boast a 120 mph top speed, 120 mile range, a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds, 3 riding modes, and fast charging (0-80% in 50 minutes).


Simon Cowell crashed on an e-bike, again. This time, it was an M1 Sporttechnik Das Spitzing Evolution S-Pedelec, a Class 3 e-bike. He was riding it near his home in West London when he hit a wet patch of pavement and the bike came out from under him, slamming him into the ground. He wasn’t […]


The Italian company Noko is debuting their new belt driven line of e-bikes on the market. Resembling the fashionable “fixie” the Forza is a maintenance free urban street cruiser with up-to-date style. A hub driven motor with the E part being virtually undetectable. Press Release Almost unprecedented lightness, battery with up to 200 km range, […]

Check Out The New Moon Electric Motorcycle!

As there are plans to get back to the moon by 2025, Dresden-based Hookie, along with partners that include Cake, DuPont and others have developed this electric motorcycle to allow astronauts to move around the lunar surface more easily. Inspired by future and past adventures to orbit, Andrey Fabishevsky visualized a lunar concept motorcycle back […]

You Could Win A Free E-Bike!

One lucky reader will be awarded a brand-new NCM Aspen+ electric bike (shown here) via random drawing. The Aspen+ features a 624-Wh battery, a Das-Kit 500W brushless rear hub motor, an RST Guide T26 suspension fork, Tektro mechanical disc brakes and more. It’s a cool commuter/touring bike with good looks and loads of great features with a suggested retail price of $1780. This survey not only helps us get to know you better but lets us serve you better, too. 


OX Motorcycles, a Madrid-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, just announced their new OX One platform, with three models due out this year. The unique bikes will have two separate removable batteries, both 14 Kg, 70V, 30Ah batteries. Each one can be individually charged with a normal household plug in just two hours. They offer a 110 […]

France May Offer Citizens $3000 Car Trade-in For E-bikes

France is looking to subsidize e-bike purchases by up to €2,500 ($2950) per rider, with one caveat; The rider must turn in a gas-powered car. This is part of France’s drive to lower emissions to 40% of what they were in 1990 by 2030. It hasn’t been passed into law yet, but the prospects look […]