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Bill Allen On His Love Of E-Bikes

We just posted our latest podcast interview this time with legendary actor and now e-bike enthusiast Bill Allen. Here’s the YouTube link but you can also listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. We talk about his electric bicycles, the movie he’s most famous for, his love of Bentonville, flying with fans and so much more. […]


The e-world progresses, and Eurobike, the massive bike show in Frankfurt, Germany, shows off the latest and greatest in the bicycle world, including more and more electric bicycles. NICOLAI EBOXX ULTRA Let’s start off with the extreme. This beast is the Nicolai EBOXX Ultra, claiming to close the gap between e-MTB and e-moto, sporting a […]


The silver lining (of sorts) that we got from the past two years from the pandemic was that now many people can work from home or at least do so part-time (hybrid), and it’s made the case for many jobs that great talent can be hired from around the world. The other things it brought […]

The Popularity of E-Bikes Isn’t Slowing Down

That sort of trend has the potential to transform urban transit. In New York City, just over half of all car trips are three miles or less, according to a 2019 study by the analytics company INRIX. Many short car trips could be replaced, hypothetically, with a short, brisk e-bike ride. So what would it take to get there?

The exploding appetite for electrified rides is a product of three trends unfolding simultaneously, said David Zipper, a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a specialist in new forms of mobility technology.

Diamondback Gets Amped

Diamondback Bicycles, a company that started with great BMX bikes in 1977 in Newbury Park, California. They sponsored some of the best racers and produced some iconic bikes, like the Harry Leary Turbo, with its distinctive gunmetal finish (many called it “black chrome”). The company then got into mountain bikes and eventually gravel, road and […]

Bianchi Launches Entire New Line Of E-bikes

Bianchi just announced their new line of electric bicycles, called E-Omnia. “Omnia” means “everything”, meaning there will be bikes for everyone. It’s a singular platform for three different types of bikes; commuter bikes, trekking/touring bikes and mountain bikes. This was the expansion from their initial e-SUV e-mountain bike and Lif-E project. The platform is all […]


PeopleForBikes has successfully worked with the United States Department of the Interior to clarify rules on electric bicycles on public lands. On Friday, Oct. 2, the Department of the Interior released final rules for electric bicycle use on public lands. This new regulation more clearly defines electric bicycles and gives local land managers the authority […]

Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond Launches e-Bikes

Legendary Tour de France champion, whose cycling career transitioned to becoming a top bike manufacturer, is right now officially launching a line of e-bikes based on their knowledge of bicycle design and technology. Their two new e-bikes, the Dutch and the Daily, promise to be lightweight thanks to a full carbon frameset. Even the stem and […]


In this episode, I interview Drew Engelmann of Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles. Drew is an industry veteran, from working in the tranches to now being one of the main people at Yamaha. We talk about the great bikes Yamaha currently offers, the new stuff they’re about to unleash, and what the future of e-bikes may […]