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Pure Cycles Volta Bike Launching Via Kickstarter

  Three guys, friends since they were babies, grew up riding bicycles in Southern California. In 2010, they decided to start their own bicycle company. They began Pure Cycles in 2010 with a dream and out of a garage, and started delivering good bicycles right away. From three guys with an idea and a love […]


  Sinclair has a new prototype electric trike going into production. This ain’t your grandma’s trike, though. It looks like it’s here from the future. Three wheels in the front, one in the back and a 250W motor to help it along. Looks like it will work rain or shine, and the design is inspired […]

Ono Archont – Rideable Art

Ono Bikes is a Serbian company who is out to make its mark in the electric bike world. If their first bike is any indication, they will succeed. The bike, called the ARCHONT electro, is a highly stylized chopper, with the battery attractively inside a carbon fiber “tank” and a Schlumpf drive running either a […]

2200 Mile Journey of the Western U.S. on an Electric Bicycle

Susanne Brüsch, founder of Pedelec Adventures, was at the 2016 Sea Otter Classic at the Haibike booth to publicize her “Sand to Snow” ride, a 2200-mile ride starting from the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA, then stopping at the Electric Bike Expo in Palo Alto, California. She and her team then ride through Yosemite National […]