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After a beginning as the company that boasted it made e-bikes for average Joes, e-Joe is starting to pay a bit more attention to style. Its bikes have always offered good value for a reasonable price, but starting with the 2015 Koda, they have added style and performance to go with the low price. At […]


Las Vegas, Nevada’s company Rechargeable Power Energy North America, LLC, (RPE) has as its major business building or rebuilding custom battery packs. An e-bike owner with a defunct brand, one that no longer has batteries available, or with replacement batteries that are extremely expensive now has an option to keep the machine alive. In some […]

Karel’s Korner: 8/10/15

In the April issue of Electric Bike Action, we had a favorite quote from Gary Fisher. Fisher, of course, is considered one of the founding fathers of mountain biking. To repeat what he said, “Electric bikes are so cool. What’s going on with them now is like what we were doing with mountain bikes back in the […]

Cykno Tribute To Italian Design And Swedish Power

The Cykno electric bike, that wraps its advanced components in classic low-rider stylings, uses a Swedish central motor mounted on a carbon fiber cradle. The frame is carbon fiber with a stretched-out wheelbase of close to 55 inches. The saddle is suspended on a stainless steel high-resistance foil that is custom tuned for the rider’s […]