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10 E-bike Laws

While categorizing all electric bikes into neat subcultures might seem like an impossible task, American lawmakers have already done the work for us, and it is a pretty logical division of power, so to speak. We broke down basic e-bike laws for you, so you can ride in the right. MOTORCYCLE OR BICYCLE? Lawmakers have drawn the […]

Preston Petty Pioneers Electric Motorcycles

Preston Petty is advancing the breed of electric-powered bikes. At 72 years old, with nothing more than a bright moon high in the sky to light his way, it would seem that the last thing Preston Petty should be doing is fast accelerating across a deserted construction yard aboard his custom electric race bike. But […]

Karel’s Korner: 8/1/15

True, the world of e-bikes is young, but what it lacks in age, it certainly does not lack in either a sense of vigor or enthusiasm. That’s where we come in. Electric Bike Action magazine is Hi-Torque Publication’s latest title, and as a company famed for recognizing emerging two-wheeled trends and providing enthusiast magazines for them (Dirt Bike, Motocross Action, […]

Testing the Concept Felt ChubE Bike

While attending the 2014 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, we set out for the nearby Bootleg Canyon to partake in the Outdoor Demo, where hundreds of bikes of every variety were being test-ridden by dealers, journos and shop groms. And so it came as no surprise to find a couple of fat e-bikes running along […]

21 Key Electric Bike Terms Defined

Here are 21 key terms that most often get bandied about. POD (Power on demand): On an e-bike with POD control, the speed of the motor is controlled only by a throttle. The rider may still pedal, but it is not required to pedal to activate the motor. PAS (Pedal assist): In contrast to POD mode, […]

What an e-bike Brings to New Family Adventures

  The moment I looked over and saw the bike in the corner, I knew it wasn’t your regular, run-of-the-mill bicycle. Surrounded by shipping boxes and bubble-wrapped bike parts, the Easy Motion Neo Cross bike sat quietly in the corner of the photo studio waiting to be noticed. When the guys at EBA said I […]


For anyone in the market for an e-bike today, a new trend has swept through the industry—e‑bikes that look like, well, a bicycle. The Izip E3 Dash is one such bike. The design is clean and purposeful. Upon exiting a building after a taco run, a fellow budget Mexican food aficionado wanted to know if […]