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Sister mag Motocross Action has the full scoop on the new Flux Motors Primo electric motocross bike. It has some impressive features, and it looks like it will give the Stark Varg a run for the money.   The Flux Primo is an electric powered off-road bike with 85 HP peak power and a swappable […]


Tarform, a Brooklyn, NY-based startup company, has two new motorcycles for 2022. They are the Scrambler and the Racer, and both share the same specs, including the motor. They boast a 120 mph top speed, 120 mile range, a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds, 3 riding modes, and fast charging (0-80% in 50 minutes).

Stark Introduces Electric Motocross Bike To Beat 450s

A few years ago, a startup company called Alta Motors made headlines with its Redshift MX, with Josh Hill putting in impressive times on the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Sadly, Alta is no more. But Josh has a brand new e-ride on the Stark VARG, an electric dirt bike made to rival anything in the […]

ZERO Adds New Bike To Their Lineup

Zero Motorcycles has added another new bike to their arsenal. Called the FXE, it is a reimagination of the FX platform that started a couple of years back in 2019 with a concept collaboration with Huge Design. The original concept garnered enough praise that Zero decided to put it into production. Here’s the original concept: […]


OX Motorcycles, a Madrid-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, just announced their new OX One platform, with three models due out this year. The unique bikes will have two separate removable batteries, both 14 Kg, 70V, 30Ah batteries. Each one can be individually charged with a normal household plug in just two hours. They offer a 110 […]

There May Be A Standard Swappable Battery Coming

Battery technology is changing at a rapid pace. Newer, higher capacity batteries are always being developed. Almost every major company has its own battery. On electric bicycles, this is not that big a concern, as riders can usually carry an extra battery to their ride and swap it out if needed. On motorcycles, however, this […]


Sondors, an American brand of electric bikes that started with a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 has just announced their first motorcycle. Called the Metacycle, it features a space-age design, using a 8000W permanent magnet AC hub motor (nominal, 14.5kW peak) and a 4000Wh battery, and will cost $5000. This is a pretty astonishing price, considering […]


Indian Motorcycles now has an electric motorcycle for kids that looks like a ton of fun! It’s styled after the Indian FTR750 Flat Track racer, and it’s made for kids 8 & up with a rider weight of up to 175 lbs. It can be set up by parents for low or high-speed performance, with […]

2021 Yamaha YZ Electric Motocross Bike

Yamaha Motor Europe has produced an electric dirt bike with the help of battery producer SPIKE, engineering company Dohms Projects, and the Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV) to produce an electric motor and battery system to be retrofit into an existing YZ250F chassis. This technology is being pushed by both the market and by ever […]