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The 14 Best Mountain Biking Trails in America

It’s a common debate amongst avid mountain bikers: what’s the best place for mountain biking in the country? To help give you some idea of the greatest trails in the United States, we’ve compiled our list of the top 14 mountain biking trails in America. You might not see your favorite trail on this list, […]


The Sea Otter Classic is an event that traditionally kicks off much of North America’s bike racing season. From road to mountain to gravel, it’s a huge festival, with over 350 brands participating with booths on the infield of the famous racetrack that offers the chance to see and learn about bikes and products, as […]


The e-bike industry is always in need of companies that can deliver a quality product at a decent price over a budget bike that has poor customer service. This is what Head sets out to accomplish and by the looks of it they are on their way. Still a few months out on major production […]

Mercedes-Benz Jumps Into The E-bike Market

The famed German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has jumped into the e-bike market with some truly beautiful e-bikes. The bikes were made in a partnership between MB and N+, a company that worked with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team and Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team to create these bikes and bring them to the global […]

Is It Safe For Students To Ride Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are extremely popular among young people. And no wonder why! This means of transport has a lot of benefits. Let’s consider some of the reasons why you should get one. Why riding a motorcycle is cool It helps you find zen Watching the situation on the road and monitoring your speed, angle, lane position […]

The Popularity of E-Bikes Isn’t Slowing Down

That sort of trend has the potential to transform urban transit. In New York City, just over half of all car trips are three miles or less, according to a 2019 study by the analytics company INRIX. Many short car trips could be replaced, hypothetically, with a short, brisk e-bike ride. So what would it take to get there?

The exploding appetite for electrified rides is a product of three trends unfolding simultaneously, said David Zipper, a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a specialist in new forms of mobility technology.

Diamondback Gets Amped

Diamondback Bicycles, a company that started with great BMX bikes in 1977 in Newbury Park, California. They sponsored some of the best racers and produced some iconic bikes, like the Harry Leary Turbo, with its distinctive gunmetal finish (many called it “black chrome”). The company then got into mountain bikes and eventually gravel, road and […]

Italy’s Red Cross Gets E-Bikes

The Italian FIVE GROUP (Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici) has started the delivery of the electric assisted bicycles commissioned by the Italian Red Cross which for the last year has been carrying out a project called “Tempo della Gentilezza (Time for Kindness)” to stand with people affected by Covid-19 pandemic. The Italian Red Cross initiative was […]