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Podcast Interview With Steve Christini

Steve Christini is an evil genius. Well, not evil, but he is a genius. His all-wheel drive system for bicycles, motorcycles and now e-bikes is revolutionary. In this episode of the Electric Bike Action Podcast, we talk about how it came about and why it can be a game-changer for some riders.   You can […]

Podcast interview with Toby Ricco of Bimotal

We just published our latest Electric Bike Action Podcast episode. We interviewed Toby Ricco of Bimotal, a startup that’s making an e-bike conversion that leaves your bike otherwise intact, with a quick-release system that takes it on-and-off in seconds, and weighs a scant 6 lbs. You can take off the system, leaving you with the […]

Valeo’s New Smart E-bike System

Valeo, a Paris-based battery-powered mobility vehicle group, who makes electric cars, delivery droids, autonomous shuttles and more, jumps into the e-bike space with an innovative e-bike powertrain. The motor and an automatic transmission are together as one single, mid-mounted drive unit. It’s a partnership with Effigear, who makes the automatic transmission already for traditional bicycles, […]


Bosch is launching a brand new motor, called the Performance Line Sport. It’s a Class 3 (28 mph), that boasts 65Nm of torque, up to 300% assist, and longer battery range. In the U.S., it will be available on four of Bosch’s partner-brands, including Benno Bikes, Cannondale, Electra, and Tern. Depending on the brand and […]


We had the opportunity to ride the Yamaha YDX-MORO Pro two different days in two different places. Check out how the first rides went, it’s a great bike!

FIRST LOOK: Yamaha’s New YDX-Moro Pro

We had a chance to have an exclusive first look and first ride on Yamaha’s YDX-MORO Pro full-suspension e-mountain bike. It did not disappoint. Take a look at it here: Subscribe to our channel if you want to keep up on the latest in e-bike news and reviews, and please hit the “Like” button if […]


Shimano just announced the EP8 motor, their newest motor, to go above the E8000. It’s a new motor, 10% smaller than the E8000 and thanks to that size reduction and a new magnesium case, it’s 300g lighter. It can provide up to 350% support (in Boost Mode, vs the E8000’s 300%).  There’s 21% more torque […]

Our latest podcast interview, European correspondent Alex Boyce

We just published a podcast episode with our European correspondent Alex Boyce. He often has access to bikes we don’t, or earlier than we can. He’s an interesting chap with vast knowledge of e-bikes, he’s a British ex-pat living in Italy, writing reviews of e-bikes for Italian and German bike magazines, plus ours. You can […]


Tern Bicycles just announced three new versions of their great, compact cargo bike, the GSD. We reviewed one a couple of years ago, and we really liked it. It has some amazing innovations, like the overbuilt rear rack that serves as a way to stand the bike vertically for storage or taking up in an elevator. […]

Canyon’s New Grail:ON electric gravel bike

Canyon has just announced the Grail:ON e-gravel bike. It’s similar to its acoustic brother, the Grail, but they’ve tweaked the geometry and added a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 500Wh battery to make it pedal-assist, now with Bosch’s new firmware will offer 85Nm of torque and support for speeds up to 25 km/h in […]