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  Izip’s new-for-2016 E3 Vibe Plus has a clean and simple build with rim brakes, but it has a powerful mid-drive and an MSRP of $2099! Painted in a bright color with a low-step frame, the Vibe is easy to ride for any size rider. We had a brief ride on the Vibe, and is […]


Sporty super-commuter bikes like the Stromer and Kalkhoff have a new competitor from Izip in the new-for-2016 E3 Protour. Using a new 500-watt Currie Drive mid-drive, the fully equipped Protour looks like a very sporty ride with plenty of go-power. A brief ride on the bike has left us anxious for a bike for a […]

Testing IZIP E3 Peak

This entire bike costs what some mid-drive assist units cost without the bicycle. The performance is muscular and civilized compared to any, but is most impressive at this price level. Our test unit was no virgin, and we put a great deal of time on it. It still felt like new at the end. An […]

Riding the eFlow E3 Nitro

The eFlow E3 Nitro isn’t obviously a pedestrian commuter, yet it doesn’t shout “sport” like a true drop-bar road machine either, with the straight bar and somewhat generous tire size. The Nitro does nothing to detract from the ride. It has the riding position to exploit the joy of the powerful assist. SIT ON IT Two […]

Bike Industry Vet Believes in E-bikes

Larry Pizzi is the president of Currie Technologies, the company founded by Dr. Malcolm Currie, which has been pushing electric bike technology for over a decade and is currently an industry leader in the marketing and development of pedal-assist bicycles. Pizzi tells us why he sees a future for e-bikes in America. From the days of hanging […]


For anyone in the market for an e-bike today, a new trend has swept through the industry—e‑bikes that look like, well, a bicycle. The Izip E3 Dash is one such bike. The design is clean and purposeful. Upon exiting a building after a taco run, a fellow budget Mexican food aficionado wanted to know if […]