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Motorcycle, Scooter or ATV? The Answer Is Yes.

Japanese designer Uno Masada may be best know for his furniture designs, but the guy knows how to design one stylish electric powered scooter. Or is it a motorcycle? Or an ATV? The EMX is actually a little bit of all of them.  

DeChaves Garage’s E06 Scooter

The E06  electric scooter was designed by Pablo González de Chaves Fernández, also known as DeChaves Garage, with the target rider being a young urbanite. Pablo’s design is supposed to attract people with an open mind, who find themselves attracted by design, fashion and new technologies. In the design of this motorcycle he wanted to avoid the […]

Vojtěch Sojka’s Cool Vision Of The Electric Future

Industrial Design student Vojtěch Sojka at the University of Tech in Brno (Czech Republic) came up with this electric-assist bike as a final project. He used a hydroformed-aluminum frame with its motor positioned in the center for improved weight distribution. His bike packs its batteries below the seat and uses a carbon belt drive and a Shimano hub. Too bad […]

Outrider USA Launches New Adaptive Use Electric Bike on Kickstarter

Outrider’s adaptive-use bike, the Horizon, is an all-terrain electric cycle that brings the joy of riding a bike to people with many different abilities, including many paraplegics and quadriplegics; a 30 Day Kickstarter campaign for production launched today. Outrider USA wants to bring the joy of bike riding and mobility to people with physical disabilities, with […]

An E-Bike To Keep Away From Termites

Design student Kasper De Backer has worked with furniture, tools and accessories, but his take on the electric-assist bike is the project that caught our attention. Aside from smooth lines and a beautiful-looking bike, Kasper turned to wood for the fork and frame rather than steel, aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium.

The Frog eBike Jumps To The Front

It appears there is no end to the creative ideas that electric-powered motorcycle and bicycles have inspired in the mind’s of today’s most respected concept artists. Need proof? Check out the ‘frog eBike” by Jinseok Hwang. It is his electric motorcycle concept that has freed him from many of the constraints posed by a gas-powered […]

Nissan’s Mori Electric Concept Scooter

The Nissan Mori electric scooter is so cute you almost want to lick the thing. Better yet, charge it up and ride it. Intended for zero-emmission urban assaulting, the Mori could make your daily commute, dare we say, fun? There are so many ways to receive Electric Bike Action Magazine. Click here to subscribe to […]