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Germany’s Ralf Kittmann’s HMK 561

Designer Ralf Kittmann seems to have captured the perfect blending of bicycle and motorcycle with his HMK 561. Since the 561 doesn’t use pedals, it would be classified a motorcycle and also proves that it is time to create a new transportation category. That’s because Ralf has created a vehicle that is neither bicycle or […]

GenZe: The Fun Way From Point A To Point B

The GenZe is Mahindra‘s first electric two-wheeler slated for launch in the US some time this summer. Expected to sell for a $3000, the scooter is designed to carry groceries, laundry, or anything else that fits in the generous amount of space in the bucket (and that’s in addition to the rider). The GenZe is expected […]

Jive Talk: Fit-In-The-Locker Transportation

JIVE Bike started as a research project at UCL in late 2011. After months of exploring the possibilities of creating a vehicle that would address the needs of today’s cosmopolitans who commute across big cities, the team concluded that only chainless, electric bicycle ‘ticks all the boxes.’ With significant financial and business support from University […]

Electric Onewheel Gets Down To Basics

This one caught our eye and while not a “bike,” the electric power and compact hub motor are of interest. The Onewheel is a self-balancing, one-wheel, electric powered skateboard. The Onewheel uses solid-state inertial sensors and algorithms balance the board around the wheel. Just lean forward to drive forward, back to stop and press your heels […]

Polaris Vector Uses BioSync To Listen To The Rider’s Input

Polaris eBikes’ BioSync technology on their Vector model is comprised of a MultiSensor and proprietary smart controller that reads the power output of a rider during a natural pedal motion. It then matches that output to give the rider an efficient and comfortable ride. During the natural pedal motion, there are apex points of power. […]

Audi Plugs-In On Another Electric Concept Bike

Audi turned to talented designer Arash Karimi for this electric concept bike, which according to most environmentalists would be an ideal means of transportation in the city and in nature. High capacitance battery in the body frame, a powerful electric motor is located at the rear wheel fork. Please Audi, push the “yes” button on […]

An E-Bike To Keep Away From Termites

Design student Kasper De Backer has worked with furniture, tools and accessories, but his take on the electric-assist bike is the project that caught our attention. Aside from smooth lines and a beautiful-looking bike, Kasper turned to wood for the fork and frame rather than steel, aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium.