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Tern Bicycles just announced three new versions of their great, compact cargo bike, the GSD. We reviewed one a couple of years ago, and we really liked it. It has some amazing innovations, like the overbuilt rear rack that serves as a way to stand the bike vertically for storage or taking up in an elevator. […]

Tern’s New GSD Compact Utility Bike

Tern’s new GSD is aimed at families, and can fit most of one. It’s the minivan of bikes in a way. It looks incredibly versatile. It’s designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or up to 180kg (that’s a whopping 398.63 lbs!) of cargo. But it’s not a huge bike, it’s 180 […]


RubyBike is a bicycle concept that Kasper Schwartz designed as part of his graduation project from The Royal Danish Design School in Copenhagen. The Danish bicycle manufacturer, Kildemoes, has been sparring partner on the project, which is named after the Ruby-throated hummingbird Kildemoes use in their logo. RubyBike has a special Rubyfitt equipment-platform to make […]

Blue Monkey Bikes Replaces The Minivan

The folk at Blue Monkey Bicycles in Murray, Utah, would love a world where minivans were a thing of the past. That is why they continue to help people to give up the gas guzzlers in favor of something more economical and fun (right kids?).