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First Look: Co-Motion Belt Drive Commuter

Co-Motion is a top custom bike brand based in Eugene, Oregon, that makes many innovative bicycles featuring Gates Carbon Drive. Co-Motion is also one of the companies creating belt drive electric bikes for the Gates Custom eBike Showcase at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show being held in Charlotte, NC (March 14-16). The bike features the […]

The Boxx Shows Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Boxx is an electric all-wheel drive commuting vehicle. Modular components make technology upgrades and customization easy. It can be used similarly to a moped or bicycle and is just as easy to ride. Boxx has been engineered to have a very low center of gravity, adding stability. Boxx uses a patented all-wheel-drive (AWD) two-wheeled system. In addition […]

Rubbee Coverts Any Bike To Electric

This Kickstarter idea is one very clean electric conversion kit for just about any conventional bike. The Rubbee allows the rider to switch between a regular bicycle and an electric in just a matter of seconds. You don’t have to carry a battery pack and the Rubbee can be shared between bikes. The inventor is claiming that Rubbee […]

Putting the “race” into the Easy Motion Neo Race

From their mainstream acceptance in Europe to their growing popularity in Southern California, the electric bike has certainly been making its presence known. Funny thing, though; as we’ve seen them in every conceivable size and style, the one class of e-bike that remained virtually untapped was one with dropped bars. As cyclists of the road-geek […]

Haibike Xduro Superace Mid-Drive Road Bike

When it comes to styling, even the most ardent e-bike enthusiasts would agree that in the land of electric bikes, there hasn’t been much to get excited about. Since their inception, electric bikes have traditionally relied on a truly utilitarian creed of substance over style. Of course, that all changed last year when Specialized entered […]

Nissan’s Mori Electric Concept Scooter

The Nissan Mori electric scooter is so cute you almost want to lick the thing. Better yet, charge it up and ride it. Intended for zero-emmission urban assaulting, the Mori could make your daily commute, dare we say, fun? There are so many ways to receive Electric Bike Action Magazine. Click here to subscribe to […]

E-Bike Tech: Currie Electric Bike Conversion Kit

One of the bigger challenges facing many people interested in taking advantage of an electric bike is the price of most electric bikes. No, they aren’t cheap. More to the point, what if you already have a perfectly good bicycle that you like to ride and can convert? What many people might not know is […]