PRODUCT TEST: Wolftooth Components ReMote

A Burly American-Made Lever

The creative minds over at Wolf Tooth Components (WTC) are always finding clever and practical ways to improve mountain biking. WTC was the first to offer a sturdy chainring for 1x drivetrains and has since produced components for extending gear ranges. WTC even has its own bike brand known as Otso Cycles.

WTC recently developed a dropper remote that is compatible with most mechanical posts currently on the market. We got a peek at this ReMote at Interbike last fall and have been putting plenty of miles on it to see just how well this American-made lever would hold up.

Tech Info: The ReMote is machined from 6061 aluminum for a strong but lightweight finish. The cable is fixed at the lever and will work with over 10 different brands. WTC designed the lever with an oversized 21-millimeter sealed-cartridge bearing that gives the lever a smooth feel and broad range of modulation. The ReMote will integrate with SRAM Matchmaker X and Shimano I-Spec AB and II configurations for a streamlined look. WTC offers a simple 22.2-millimeter clamp if your brakes don’t fit the compatibility list.

In the event of a crash, the lever has an axle that is designed to break away to keep the rest of the lever from breaking. This axle is easy to swap and costs $5 to replace through WTC’s website or a local bike shop. Retail is set at $60 for the ReMote.

On the Trail: We installed the ReMote on a Fox Transfer post that we have been using for months. WTC sent us hardware to adapt the lever to a set of SRAM Level Ultimate brakes. Installation was simple, and the barrel adjuster at the lever made dialing in the cable tension quick. The lever has a very ergonomic feel with ridges to provide better grip when pressing the lever. The amount of in- and outboard adjustment was a touch limited for some of our test riders who run their brakes in farther.

The ReMote is the smoothest-feeling lever our test riders have used on a dropper. With the cartridge bearing, the post has a broad range of modulation that allowed our test riders to feel more in control. We were fortunate enough not to experience any crashes, but we are confident in the stout design of the lever. The lever is fairly expensive compared to stock kits from post manufacturers, but given the high quality, the ReMote is a solid option for riders looking for something a little more durable.


• Smooth feel

• Durable design

• Ergonomic feel


• Needs more outboard adjustment

• Some riders might not like the modulation


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