Pedal-assisted bicycles and the Law

 Electric Bike Action casts a very wide net over the universe of electric-powered two-wheelers. We throw our collective legs over everything from bikes like the tire-smoking, electric-powered Zero motorcycle to the pedal-assist cruiser your grandmother could pedal to her weekly bridge match. While categorizing all these bikes into neat subcultures might seem like an impossible […]

Wild Machines From Stealth

Whether you call it an e-bike or an electric motorcycle, Stealth builds a serious machine, or perhaps two serious machines in one. In USA mode, Stealth claims its Bomber or Fighter is a 20-mph, 750-watts USA legal assisted bicycle. Flip the switch to competition mode and you have an electric dirt bike capable of 50-mph […]

Dan Hanebrink’s Unique Fat-Tire Bikes

For the last three decades Dan Hanebrink has proven to be one of the most eccentric but visionary bike designers in the world. With proven credentials as the inventor of the fat bike, Dan has now brought pedal assist to his bikes, which are available in both hardtail and full-suspension form. The American-made X2 uses […]

Electric Bike Glossary

If you are new to the electric bike world, there are a flock of technical terms and descriptions being tossed around that you may be unfamiliar with. We know that it helps to have a little background before diving in, so here are the definitions for some key terms that most often get bandied about. […]

Video Tour: Inside The Prodeco Tech E-Bike Factory

The folks at Prodeco Tech E-bikes sent a video of its Fort Lauderdale, Florida factory. The amount of work that Prodeco has going on every day is pretty amazing. Many of the company’s e-bikes are folding models. We are definitely looking forward to riding some of these machines.

Is There A Stigo In Your Future?

The Stigo bike was developed for urban commuters who can’t or hate the idea of paying thousands of dollars a year just to park their cars (let alone operate them). A conventional bicycle will work but it is not always easy to take a bicycle into a city apartment or find a place on the […]

2014 Handmade Bike Show Goes Electric

For the last decade the North American Handmade Bike Show has made its presence known around the world as the one place where the very best frame builders convene annually to showcase their talents. This year the roving bike show is headed to North Carolina on March 14-16 and for the first time there will be […]

Putting the “race” into the Easy Motion Neo Race

From their mainstream acceptance in Europe to their growing popularity in Southern California, the electric bike has certainly been making its presence known. Funny thing, though; as we’ve seen them in every conceivable size and style, the one class of e-bike that remained virtually untapped was one with dropped bars. As cyclists of the road-geek […]

Haibike Xduro Superace Mid-Drive Road Bike

When it comes to styling, even the most ardent e-bike enthusiasts would agree that in the land of electric bikes, there hasn’t been much to get excited about. Since their inception, electric bikes have traditionally relied on a truly utilitarian creed of substance over style. Of course, that all changed last year when Specialized entered […]

Nissan’s Mori Electric Concept Scooter

The Nissan Mori electric scooter is so cute you almost want to lick the thing. Better yet, charge it up and ride it. Intended for zero-emmission urban assaulting, the Mori could make your daily commute, dare we say, fun? There are so many ways to receive Electric Bike Action Magazine. Click here to subscribe to […]