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Electric Moto GP? This Could Be The Start

Okay, work with us on this one. Mongoose has released the most-awesome looking kid’s bike since the Schwinn Stingray. It is called the Mongoose Massif and it is sold by Walmart for $197. Mongoose (or Walmart) call it a “mountain bike” but let’s be real. The tires look more like those found on a Grand […]

Pull The Derringer Trigger

Derringer is a builder of custom, board track inspired motorized bicycles. Every Derringer is hand-built to the rider’s specification in Los Angeles, California. While Derringer offers a gas-powered model, it was their electric version that attracted riders looking for ease of use, low maintenance, and reliability. The electric version starts at $3500. Click here for […]

Cykno Tribute To Italian Design And Swedish Power

The Cykno electric bike, that wraps its advanced components in classic low-rider stylings, uses a Swedish central motor mounted on a carbon fiber cradle. The frame is carbon fiber with a stretched-out wheelbase of close to 55 inches. The saddle is suspended on a stainless steel high-resistance foil that is custom tuned for the rider’s […]

California Assembly Bill 2173 Puts E-Bikes On The Right Track

California assembly bill 2173, introduced by Steven Bradford would redefine “motorized bicycle” by, among other things, renaming it a “low-speed electric bicycle,” stating that it can have either 2 or 3 wheels, lowering the maximum power output to 750 watts, and requiring that it weigh no more than 80 pounds. The bill would exempt a low-speed […]

Kick-Backed, Electric-Assisted Bliss

The Aerobic Cruiser Hybrid Cycle’s potential is obvious. Put the rider in a comfortable, aerodynamic position and give him or her more than a bit of electrical assist. It looks like a win-win vehicle for a lot of people. Unfortunately, the Aerobic Cruiser is on hold (for right now). Blair Hawkins, GM of Aerobic Cruiser Hybrid Cycles, […]

Caterham Carbon E-Bike In Latest Issue

Have you picked up the latest issue of Electric Bike Action? The cover features a shot of the Caterham Classic E-Bike and inside there is more on their bad boy, the Carbon E-Bike. Need to order a copy? Click here.