New Products: Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Wheel Range

Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Wheel Range

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Crankbrothers is proud to launch its Synthesis Alloy Wheel Range, bringing its game-changing front and rear-specific tuned wheel concept to an aluminum wheel set. Crankbrothers Synthesis Wheels take a new approach to wheel systems, focusing on combining a compliant front wheel with a stiff rear wheel to achieve optimal ride characteristics for each.

The compliant front wheel improves handling and control in turns, while the stiff rear wheel enhances stability and tracking at speed. Inthe Alloy range, these differing characteristics are achieved by variations chosen in spoke tension, spoke weight, spoke count, rim width, and rim weight.


The Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Range will feature Enduro, Cross Country/Trail, and E-MTB models, aiming to accommodate as many riders as possible. The Range will include two hub options in the Enduro and Cross Country/Trail models; a Crankbrothers hub, and an Industry Nine 1/1 hub, providing 4 degrees of engagement. Rim-only Cross Country/Trail and Enduro options will also be available.

“It was great to bring the ideas and concepts of the Carbon Synthesis product to a more affordable price point,
giving everyone an opportunity to experience a tuned wheel system. Those that ride our new Alloy Synthesis
wheel sets will get a taste of the improved riding sensations of which our flagship product is becoming known
for,” said Jason Schiers, Director of Product Development, Crankbrothers.

The Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Range will complete the overarching Crankbrothers Synthesis Wheel Range, joining the existing carbon wheel selection to provide riders of all disciplines with a broad selection of options.

The Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Range is available now in bike shops worldwide and at

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conditions, Crankbrothers products deliver superior function through disruptive design.
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