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Hybrid-Electric Motorcycle Headed For The Battlefield

Logos Technologies has received a small business innovation research grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a military-use hybrid-electric motorcycle with near-silent capability.  When fully matured, the technology will allow small, distributed military teams to move long distances quickly and stealthily across harsh enemy terrain. Developed in partnership with San Francisco-based all-electric […]

Germany’s Ralf Kittmann’s HMK 561

Designer Ralf Kittmann seems to have captured the perfect blending of bicycle and motorcycle with his HMK 561. Since the 561 doesn’t use pedals, it would be classified a motorcycle and also proves that it is time to create a new transportation category. That’s because Ralf has created a vehicle that is neither bicycle or […]

GenZe: The Fun Way From Point A To Point B

The GenZe is Mahindra‘s first electric two-wheeler slated for launch in the US some time this summer. Expected to sell for a $3000, the scooter is designed to carry groceries, laundry, or anything else that fits in the generous amount of space in the bucket (and that’s in addition to the rider). The GenZe is expected […]

Feddz Part Cargo, Part Commuter Motorcycle

Feddz is made for those looking for added value. With three low gears to choose from, the rider can get started in a relaxed fashion or with sporty acceleration from 0 to 28 miles per hour. In the cargo space you can neatly stow away anything from a briefcase to fire wood! There is a […]

Let Scott Robertson Show You How To Design Your Dream Bike

Scott Robertson, founder of Design Studio Press, attended Art Center College of Design where he graduated with honors with a B.S. degree in Transportation Design in April 1990. The day after graduation, Scott opened a product design consulting firm in San Francisco with friend Neville Page. The firm has worked with Kestrel, Giro Sport Design, […]

Converting Old Motorcycles To Electric

Ted Dillard is a man of many talents and one of those is his hobby of finding old motorcycles and converting them to electric-powered. His results, while a bit on the kobby side, look like a blast to ride. You can find out more on his adventures by clicking here.  

From Italy With Electric Love

The Energica brand was the brainchild of the CRP Group, a name you might not be familiar with, unless you’re a Formula 1 racing team,  or a top Italian Supercar company. CRP has been supplying the world’s most high performance automotive builders with engineering, rapid prototyping and advanced materials to build the worlds fastest and most technically-advanced […]

Custom Conversion From A BMX Master

Marcus Stockel is better known for his BMX business, but the man knows how to build a sweet electric-powered cruiser. The battery is tucked behind the seat tube, he uses a rear hub engine and disc brakes front and rear. Very clean project, Marcus.