Kvaern’s New E-Bike


There are no shortages of electric bike startups on crowdfunding sites. This one from Denmark caught our eye; it’s not only an electric bike, but it comes with its own solar panel to charge it. The solar panel has an output of 150 watts and actually charges the Kvaern+ Power Pack (storage unit, their version of the Tesla Powerwall). This unit stores the energy and can transfer it to the battery on the bike, so you don’t have to leave the bike plugged into the solar panel on a sunny day to charge it. The storage unit and bike connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can see capacity. The bike has a 250-watt motor with four assist modes—0% (off), 25% assist (Eco), 50% assist (City) and 90% assist (Boost).

They claim the bike has up to a 50-kilometer range on one charge. The bike seems nothing to write home about, but the solar-charging ability caught our attention. The bike alone will retail for $2274, and the bike with solar kit is $3072. Apparently, despite the $800 price difference, you can get just the 360-watt-hour battery and the solar panel for $548. Charging the bike takes three to four hours from the power pack, and it will charge other bikes’ batteries if they’re greater than 36V volts, 6 amp-hours. They plan on making larger systems for other bikes in the future. www.kvaern.com


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