June 2014 Issue

ON THE COVER: Fresh from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, ANT’s BionX-powered concept bike is joined by Neil and Charlotte Shirley out for an afternoon ride on the Yuba, and the latest Haibike mountain bike.


• Yuba elBoda Boda
• Stromer ST1 Platinum
• Hanebrink X2
• Currie Izip E3 Peak


• Optibike’s Evolution & Revolution
• North American Electric bike Handmade Bike Show
•  E-biking through the Austin Texas capital
• Manpower vs. Horsepower
• The Freestyler Who Plugged In, Ronnie Renner
• The SRAM Connection


• First Look: The Xtracycle
• Bringing Light to the Night
• The Long-Term Test: Neo Jumper
• Dual Power Eyewear
• Bell Stoker Helmet
• Sony Action Cam
• Sugoi RSX Neoshell
• Motor Madness


• Karel’s Korner
• Up Front
• Mail
• Product Spotlight” Troy Lee pays homage
• Product Spotlight: The world of hi-viz
• In Closing: The Gio Motors Surface 604
gets some rest after a hard day