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Polaris Buys Brammo

  It’s probably not big news that the American e-moto industry is now seeing it’s first major step in consolidation – this was apparent today with the announcement that Polaris has bought the Brammo electric motorcycle company. Unknown to many, over the years Polaris been a heavy investor in Brammo and with the quasi-arrival on […]

The Bultaco e-Moto and e-Bike Have Arrived

The Barcelona, Spain based Bultaco was founded in 1958 and closed in 1983. While most contemporary e-bike consumers won’t be familiar with the brand or their iconic “thumbs up” logo, every American motocross fan of old will know the brand started by Senor Bulto  and made famous by American motocross star Jim Pomeroy who rocked the […]

The Raffe E-Mini-Bike Has Arrived

The 2015 Silent Mini Thunder is a revolutionary electric mini motocross bike that is rocking the 50cc motocross world.  It has been designed and developed in San Diego over the last two years. Founder/CEO Alex Ficachi, father of a young motocross racer said “I was fed-up with the constant tuning, fixing and maintenance of our […]

Kawasaki’s Radical Concept J Bike

Kawasaki’s Concept J electric motorcycle continued its world tour at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, where it attracted big crowds, just as it did one year ago when it was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. The motorcycle is as much an exercise in industrial art as it is a prototype, but it’s […]

11 Apparel Tips for Winter Trail Riding

Winter is here, and gone are the days of riding in just a jersey and shorts. With the right gear and layering techniques, riding your e-Bike through the winter months can feel just like spring-at least on the inside. DON’T OVERDRESS The actual temperature outside is not the only factor to consider when deciding what to […]

BRD Red Shift Kick Starts As Alta Motors

Do you remember the BRD Red Shift electric motocross bike from a few years ago? Well don’t, because the Northern California e-moto company is now called Alta Motors. Although it is a same company, they have apparently gone back to the drawing board not only with some fresh designs for their motocross and supermoto themed […]


KTM has announced the Freeride E is for sale in Europe. The machine boasts some unique features like a engine package that includes a gear-driven countershaft and a water pump to cool the electronics. Run time is about an hour. For information and videos go to


Popular e-bike conversion kit Falco ( has a kickstarter campaign underway to raise money to develop a new e-bike hub-motor system it calls the Fusion Sports Drive. This is an open system, so you can use any battery, but the system syncs with a smart phone to give you a lot of features. The most […]


The innovative German M1 Secede is an urban carbon lifestyle bike. It does not fold. The main frame breaks into two complete sections for travel or storage without any tools. It literally clicks back together again. The wild thing is that the brake line and shifter cables break when the frame does! The owner of […]