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Electric, Foldable and Futuristic

The British-based design team of Marten Wallgren, David Seesing, and Miika Heikkinen came up with this concept eBike that they feel would solve many of London’s traffic problems.

Yanko Design’s Scarab High-Speed Pod Cycle

This is what David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves of  Yanko Designs says about his creation: Think hand-held pocket bikes! Mini Cooper small edition! Smart Car ant size! All of these are just basically giants compared to the hot insect-style transport. It is called the Scarab. It’s got multiple driving modes: fast to slow, perfect park mode, sensors, Lidar, […]

Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle With This Wheel

Man, the stuff you can find on the web at 2 in the morning when you can’t sleep, This is from Alibaba, a trading company, that can hook you up with a supplier in China who will sell you an electric hub motor with a brake rotor ready for your DIY motorcycle, trike, or what have […]

First Look: Harley-Davidson Goes Electric

It look’s like Harley-Davidson has been paying attention to the come-uppance of American electric motorcycle brands like Zero and Brammo after all.  Today the iconic American motorcycle brand launch a full-scale attack in the battle for e-bike market share with the release of their radical Live Wire. To initiate the launch, Harley has announced an ambitious […]

Vanmoof Electrified Looking At August Delivery

The Vanmoof Electrified uses a 250W front hub motor, a battery integrated into the frame and an automatic 2-speed transmission. The weight is claimed to be 41.8 pounds and an asking price of $2998. You can pre-order by clicking here.

Buy Your Next Bookcase And Ebike From Ikea

Ikea, the Swedish furniture company famous for ship-it-flat, build-it-yourself furniture, is launching an electric bike that they’re calling the Folkvanlig. Loosely translated, that means “Fast than a ford Econoline” (we just made that up). Okay, really, the name of the product is a combination of the Swedish words for people (“folk”) and friendly (“vänlig”).  The electric bike has a […]

China’s Growing Concern For Ebike Safety

The has an interesting article about how the growing popularity of electric bikes has created a need for rider education to reduce accidents and injuries. Similar problems in New York City caused the Mayor to ban electric bikes. Here is what is happening in China.