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Falco 500W e-Bike Conversion Kit With Integrated Controller

Falco e-Motors offers this propulsion system with 36V, 11.6Ah lithium ion battery battery pack to convert a regular bike into an electric-powered bike. The motor is programmed to deliver a top speed of 20 miles per hour and power of 500W Max ( customization available). This kit uses Hxm motor, Hxd display and Hxb-bb bottle battery […]

Germany’s Ralf Kittmann’s HMK 561

Designer Ralf Kittmann seems to have captured the perfect blending of bicycle and motorcycle with his HMK 561. Since the 561 doesn’t use pedals, it would be classified a motorcycle and also proves that it is time to create a new transportation category. That’s because Ralf has created a vehicle that is neither bicycle or […]

Italy’s Stunning Leaos Electric Bike

Italy’s Leaos appears to have got it right with their Leaos Pure and Leaos White electric-assisted bikes. The bikes, made in Italy, use mid-engine motors that power a continuously-variable, automatic-shifting NuVinci hub. The motor is a 250/350 watt, 36 volt, torque 50 Nm, 3 with independent sensors that record crank torque, crank speed and bicycle speed. […]

GenZe: The Fun Way From Point A To Point B

The GenZe is Mahindra‘s first electric two-wheeler slated for launch in the US some time this summer. Expected to sell for a $3000, the scooter is designed to carry groceries, laundry, or anything else that fits in the generous amount of space in the bucket (and that’s in addition to the rider). The GenZe is expected […]

Jive Talk: Fit-In-The-Locker Transportation

JIVE Bike started as a research project at UCL in late 2011. After months of exploring the possibilities of creating a vehicle that would address the needs of today’s cosmopolitans who commute across big cities, the team concluded that only chainless, electric bicycle ‘ticks all the boxes.’ With significant financial and business support from University […]

Bosch Names Magura Direct As America’s Service Provider

Bosch has announced that Magura Direct, Olney IL, will be the exclusive service provider for Bosch eBike systems service, spare parts, dealer service hotline, warranties and training throughout the U.S. Bosch and Magura are already very familiar with each other having partnered together for over 50 years on technical support and distribution efforts in varying […]

Let The Sun Charge Your Rides

The NTS SunCycle is possibly the most efficient vehicle on earth.  It is essentially NTS’ LockerCycle with a big, highly efficient solar panel. The power produced from the solar panel is claimed to exceed the rated power of 60 watts. That is more power than you use when riding with the power setting on low. In the rear, The […]

An Electric Bike Ready For Work

The Urban Arrow Cargo is what smart companies are turning to as an alternative to deliveries made by a small vans. It replaces the last mile with the last green mile; the Cargo doesn’t emit CO2 or any other polluting particles. What’s more it is fast, efficient, and doesn’t make a sound.