Electric Bike Action Bike Test: Stealth B-52 E-Moto Bike



the torque is so instant that it will wheelie off the line or even when you’re already at speed, with a slightly quick twist of the wrist, without pulling up on the bars. You do learn to control it pretty quick, but it’s crazy when you first get on. And, we recommend sitting on the bike when you start it up; it’s easy to bump the throttle when you’re standing beside it. 

Quad-piston Magura MT5 brakes with 203mm rotors front and rear provide enough stopping power.


There’s no sensor at the pedals for pedal-assist. In fact, there’s no pedal-assist at all. You can pedal and use the throttle at the same time, but it would be scary to have that much power at your pedal inputs. For the most part, we used the throttle more than the pedals.

The brakes on our bike came set up with the rear on the left and the front on the right. This is preferred by many moto people (and cyclists in the UK and Down Under where it is standard), but it can be tricky for more bicycle-oriented riders used to them being opposite that. We had a couple of close calls before swapping sides with the levers, which was very easy to do. 

The heavy rear wheel does affect performance. Because it’s rear-weighted, it wasn’t as easy to muscle around like a bike with a lighter rear wheel and the weight more centered. It wasn’t horrible, but it did take some getting used to. 

While we rode with both bicycle and motorcycle helmets, we’d strongly recommend a full-face motorcycle helmet to ride the bike. Ripping down a trail at up to 50 mph means that if things go south, you definitely want all the protection you can get. 

The long-travel suspension of the bike makes it very capable over any terrain. We hit hills, bumps, jumps, all kinds of nasty, rutted trails, and took it all in stride. In a sand wash, with lots of loose sand, it needed lower tire pressure to hook up. With fully inflated tires, it was less controllable.

Range is claimed at up to 50 miles. We expect that was with a 110-pound rider on flat ground with no headwind using Eco mode. Ours was closer to 30–35, but we’re bigger than that with a heavier throttle hand than that. We can’t imagine why anyone would run this bike in Eco, there’s so much more fun to be had than that! 

We did have an issue with overheating when running the bike full-bore for more than 10–15 minutes. The motor would overheat and require about a 10-minute cool-down period. This is a common issue with hub motors over mid-drives when pushing them to their peak. This is the one thing that disappointed us with this bike, because we were having so much fun!

Stealth offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship. It is not transferrable, so bear that in mind if you think about buying a used one.


Though it’s a pricey bike that isn’t a full motorcycle, it’s very capable and can go anywhere a motorcycle can go. Weighing in at 116 pounds makes it much lighter than a similarly powered motorcycle, and its silent running makes it acceptable for where quiet performance is preferred. 

However, in addition to all the excitement that comes with all the power also comes the heightened responsibility of the Stealth rider to use the bike in the legally approved areas with an extra dose of civility when it comes to hitting higher speeds.



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