Electric Bike Action Bike Test: Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB Commuter



to be somewhat accurate, though it’s obvious that their model for this was on flat ground, and the rider didn’t weigh 160 pounds. There’s plenty of torque at 65 N/m, though this isn’t the crazy 90 N/m power that the Performance Line CX puts out.


“The geometry of the bike makes it track really well, and steering is responsive and lively without being twitchy.” 


It relies on both cadence and torque sensors to provide power, and it can give you up to 300 percent of the power you’re putting into pedaling with your legs, depending on the mode you’re in. It measures all of this input 1000 times per second. It’s smart enough to cut the power for a fraction of a second when it detects a shift. 

An integrated cafe lock is keyed to match the battery, so you’ll likely never misplace your keys.


The battery is a Bosch Powertube, the middle size they now make, at 500 Wh. It strikes a good balance between capacity and price, as going with the larger (physically, as well as capacity) 625-Wh battery would have made a difference in the price of the bike.

The display and controls are integrated into one unit—a Bosch Purion display. This keeps it simple and is cleaner than a separate display and keypad.

The spring-loaded headset provides some really good damping to take out the bumps. That fender keeps the splashes off of you.



The Ultimate T10 is a great bike for commuters and anyone who wants to just go out for a fun ride. It is truly a single bike that can serve many purposes well. It’s not a budget bike, nor is it a premium. It sits nicely in the middle of the price range.


Getting on the bike is certainly easy with the…


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