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Thule E-Bike Folding Carrier

Thule EasyFold™ E-Bike Carrier Finding transporting your e-bike a challenge? The new Thule EasyFold bike carrier is no larger than a normal suitcase in the folded position, the Thule so it takes up little space when stored in the car or at home. But it has a load capacity of 122lbs, so it easily carries […]

RydeSafe Reflective Buttons A Great Way To Be Seen At Night

The one thing about electric bike commuting that is different from conventional motorcycle commuting is that a motorcycle can be seen and heard. Your e-bike is not going to be heard unless you put baseball cards in the spokes so any product that helps it be seen is a good addition. A new start-up called […]

Never Hit Another Rim-Dinging Pothole Again

Lumigrids is an LED projector that beams square grids on the roadway or trail and by observing changes in the grids, the rider is forewarned of dangers ahead. Lumigrids is planning to have three modes with various grid sizes that can be used to adapt to different situations. The designers, Prof. Gan Jing, Xun Zhang,  An Pengcheng, Sun […]

Reminder: Turbo Bob’s Intro To Electric Bikes May 15th In San Diego

Turbo Bob’s introduction to electric bikes is a seminar that will be held Thursday evening on May 15th in San Diego, California. It is hosted by the Turbo himself at the SDG&E Innovation Center. TB preaches the advantages of electric bikes as a great way for people to have fun, improve their health, save money, […]

The June Issue Of Electric Bike Action Hits The Streets

Our latest issue has just hit the streets and it is packed with electrifying editorial and photos. Stories include… BIKE TESTS Yuba elBoda Boda Stromer ST1 Platinum Hanebrink X2 Currie Izip E3 Peak   FEATURES Optibike’s Evolution & Revolution North American Electric Bike Handmade Bike Show  E-biking through the Austin Texas capital Manpower vs. Horsepower […]

World Champion Designed Bike Station

You may recognize the name Jürgen Beneke for his Mountain Bike World Cup racing days and as the 1993 Downhill World Champion, but did you know the guy is a pretty great industrial designer too? He has designed the Shelfie, a compact bike station for those with not a lot of room to spare. Jürgen […]

Bosch Bullish On America

Germany’s Bosch is totally committed to the growth of pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) in America. They had a major presence at the Sea Otter Classic where they showcased brands they are already partnered with and announced that Magura Direct will now serve as their service provider to American retailers and bike companies. Click here for […]

URB-E: The world’s most compact electric vehicle?

The URB-E Commuter and URB-E GP are touted as the world’s most compact electric vehicle. The three-wheeled Commuter and the two-wheeled GP fold like a Boy Scout’s Swiss Army knife. When folded they roll behind you like wheeled luggage. The Commuter has a shelf on the back to carry a briefcase or package when it […]

E-Bike Saddles: The Shape Of things To Come

Saddles are the most hated component of most new bicycle riders and e-bike designers seem to be getting it. More and more designs are going away from using traditional off-the-shelf bicycle saddles for designs that lean more towards motorcycle saddle design. A few examples.