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Dutch bike maker Vanmoof is the final days of a kickstarter campaign for the “Boncho” bicycle poncho designed specifically for keeping cyclists dry in the rain. It has shattered its $16,300 goal — currently at $92,000 pledged — and as a result of the success, a number of significant enhancements are being made to the […]


BionX is doing very well with its new D-series hub motors. The D-series has excellent torque to go with the well-known excellence of the company’s pedal assist programming. The D-series is a direct drive motor, but the coils and magnets are moved out from the hub. At Interbike BionX had this motor with cutouts in […]


Las Vegas, Nevada’s company Rechargeable Power Energy North America, LLC, (RPE) has as its major business building or rebuilding custom battery packs. An e-bike owner with a defunct brand, one that no longer has batteries available, or with replacement batteries that are extremely expensive now has an option to keep the machine alive. In some […]

11 Apparel Tips for Winter Trail Riding

Winter is here, and gone are the days of riding in just a jersey and shorts. With the right gear and layering techniques, riding your e-Bike through the winter months can feel just like spring-at least on the inside. DON’T OVERDRESS The actual temperature outside is not the only factor to consider when deciding what to […]


Popular e-bike conversion kit Falco ( has a kickstarter campaign underway to raise money to develop a new e-bike hub-motor system it calls the Fusion Sports Drive. This is an open system, so you can use any battery, but the system syncs with a smart phone to give you a lot of features. The most […]


Neal Saiki, the founder of Zero Electric Motorcycles, is back working on his own projects at NTS Works. One of his first projects is a nine Amp/hour Mini 48V Battery that is completely rebuildable. This battery pack has 39 Samsung cells arranged in a tight grid and separated with fire resistant barriers. A unique feature […]

A Dual-Chamber Tire System Could Eliminate A Major Headache

A dual-chamber system developed jointly by Schwalbe and Syntace, is claimed to make it possible to ride with very low air pressures and, as a result, improve tire performance enormously. Initially, Schwalbe and the wheel manufacturer Syntace were working on such a system independently of each other. Now, the two companies have joined forces to further develop the […]

Electric, Foldable and Futuristic

The British-based design team of Marten Wallgren, David Seesing, and Miika Heikkinen came up with this concept eBike that they feel would solve many of London’s traffic problems.

Thule E-Bike Folding Carrier

Thule EasyFold™ E-Bike Carrier Finding transporting your e-bike a challenge? The new Thule EasyFold bike carrier is no larger than a normal suitcase in the folded position, the Thule so it takes up little space when stored in the car or at home. But it has a load capacity of 122lbs, so it easily carries […]

RydeSafe Reflective Buttons A Great Way To Be Seen At Night

The one thing about electric bike commuting that is different from conventional motorcycle commuting is that a motorcycle can be seen and heard. Your e-bike is not going to be heard unless you put baseball cards in the spokes so any product that helps it be seen is a good addition. A new start-up called […]