Commuting With Confidence



Riding at a safe speeds is always important. There may be times that you’re going much faster than the vehicular traffic, but don’t go faster than you have time to react, whether that’s braking in time or swerving to something suddenly entering your path. Just because you have a Class 3 bike doesn’t mean you should be riding 28 mph the whole time. Often, drivers won’t realize you can go that fast, and you’ll be cut off by several drivers making right-hand turns. A rule of thumb is to keep one bike length of space for every 5 mph you’re traveling.

Also, try to be predictable. Don’t make sudden moves, and don’t move right between parked cars. Hold your lane.


Borrowing from the world of car and motorcycle safety and utilizes the “SIPDE” method, which stands for “search, identify, predict, decide, execute”. Here’s a breakdown of each.

  SEARCH the street (and sidewalk) ahead

  IDENTIFY potential hazards

  PREDICT their movements

  DECIDE on a course of action

  EXECUTE the maneuver that takes you safely along your chosen line


The great thing is being able to ride confidently in traffic, getting exercise and moving, instead of just sitting in a car. Riding to work makes you feel good, as well as saves resources. It will put that e-bike smile on your face. As we always say, ride often and ride safe.


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