Commuting With Confidence


“If you imagine you’re virtually invisible to drivers,
you’ll do a lot better.” 

A bright helmet can also help, and you can mount lights on it to increase visibility even more. Also, for being visible from the side at night, tires with reflective sidewalls can be very visible.

Having some plastic garbage bags stowed is always a good idea. If it starts to rain, you can store things like your laptop and phone in one inside your bag in case of water ingress, but you can also open some holes for your head and arms for an in-a-pinch rain jacket.


We recommend lights on commuter bikes, even if you never ride at night. Modern LED headlights are extremely bright and, set on strobe, they really catch drivers’ attention, especially in rear-view mirrors. We like to ride at night with two headlights—one constant light for our own visibility and one blinking light for being noticed by drivers. Matching bright rear lights are also recommended. 

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